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ACI Clinic Weight Loss Program

weight-loss-woman-725555.jpgDr. Duarte is reviewing the clinic's weight loss program. Please call or email for more information. 

ACI Clinic & Wellness Center offers a healthy weight loss program! Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners provide acupuncture and herbal medicine - All natural & holistic way for weight control.

There are many factors causing or relating to overweight conditions. In TCM, it is a sign of lacking Qi (energy) or its obstruction in certain meridians, which may cause the body to accumulate waste products. This accumulation causes weight gain and stored toxins in your body.

This program effectively cleanses and removes the toxins, and accelerates your metabolism, naturally. It also helps protect you from disease and renews your ability to maintain and achieve optimum health. No side-effects from this program have been evidenced in either laboratory or clinical research.

One course of this program includes:

        • 8 acupuncture treatments, 2/week or 8 herbal cupping treatments, 2/week
        • Daily Herbal supplements
        • Nutritional consultation, once/week
        • Daily Qi Gong exercise

One course of the program consists of 4 weeks of treatments and the entire program consists of 3 courses.

Herbal supplements help your body to increase metabolism and some individuals may experience minor side effects such as occasional palpitations or insomnia. If any unusual signs and symptoms are experienced please report them to your TCM provider so that the provider can make necessary modifications. It is important to provide the complete medical history at the initial consultation to receive a customized treatment plan that suits each individual. It is not recommended for individuals who have existing or prior history of heart conditions or sleeping problems.

Individuals signed up for this program are expected to follow the specific given instructions to get results. The average weight loss per course is 10 to 20 lbs but the results may vary among participants. ACI Clinic cannot guarantee results.

The regular price for above services together is $900 but you only pay $550 per course for this program! 

The fee must be prepaid at the beginning of each course and it is not refundable.