ACI Clinic provides different types of massage

- Swedish Massage Therapy
- Aromatherapy Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Shiatsu Massage
- Pregnancy Massage
- Tui Na: Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na is the style of bodywork practiced by many Acupuncturists. It translates to "Push-Grasp" in English and involves a wide variety of hand techniques used to balance Qi within the meridians. It is utilized most commonly in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions to decrease pain. While it has a profound effect in opening the channels and moving qi in order to decrease a patient's pain, Tui Na can also be utilized for improving general wellness and treating a variety of other ailments.

When using Tui Na to treat musculoskeletal disorders, patients are carefully assessed on their specific condition. The patient's range of motion and postural appearance of the injured area are taken into consideration. In fact, in order to decrease pain long term with Tui Na, the goal is to create the proper range of motion and observable postural integrity. In other words, Tui Na will help the patient to gain proper posture and have a free range of mobility in the body's joints. Choosing proper hand techniques and targeting certain areas of the body and acupuncture points, makes the treatment most effective. Depending on each patient's specific condition, length and number of treatments may vary.

Tui Na is also useful for treating a variety of other ailments in addition to musculoskeletal disorders. Patients with difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, allergies, and several other conditions may find great relief when adding regular Tui Na treatments to their health care regimen. The effectiveness of Tui Na exists for two main reasons: First, Tui Na has a profound effect on the body's ability to relax. Even though a patient may feel slight discomfort during the treatment, it will most often lead to a state of relaxation which better allows the body to promote healing. Second, Tui Na can also improve the body's natural ability to detoxify itself as many of the techniques stimulate the lymphatic system, which is greatly responsible for a strong immune system and transportation of fluids. Having a healthy lymphatic system can greatly influence the patients overall health and immunity.

Receiving Tui Na treatments on a regular basis is highly recommended for many patients. This is greatly due to its vast array of techniques which are modifiable to best fit each patient. A very common patient to Tui Na practitioners are athletes. In fact, Tui Na can play a vital role in the ability of an athlete. Regular treatment can both increase flexibility and decrease the amount of tension within the muscles. This will then allow the athlete to train harder longer without being as likely to incur injury.

Frequent Tui Na treatments can provide non-athletic patients great relief as well. Whether a patient spends the day sitting behind an office desk or standing, lecturing to students, it is important to keep the body relaxed and at its optimal performance. Almost everyone performs tasks in some form of repetitive motion that eventually leads to an imbalance within the body. Regular treatments not only help realign these imbalances, but can also decrease their occurrence.

It is not uncommon at ACI Clinic for a full treatment to contain Tui Na therapy. It may be for a few minutes before or after acupuncture in order to provide better patient care, tailored toward each individuals needs. Even a few minutes of Tui Na can make a huge difference in a patient's health and well being. To start seeing the benefits of Tui Na contact ACI Clinic today. 

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