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Originally, yoga was taught by one teacher directly to one student where the yoga was individualized to meet the needs of the student.  This was the means through which Sri. T. Krishnamacharya created Viniyoga.  Viniyoga is uniquely suited for a private yoga sessions since it is a style of yoga that adapts the various methods of practice to the unique conditions, needs, and interests of the individual.  There are four characteristics that distinguish Viniyoga from other styles of yoga.  They are:  movement with breath, repetition and stay, function over form, and asana sequencing.

Breath links the mind, body and spirit.  In yoga it is the medium for movement and is the key component that allows for healing.  The focus on repetition and stay in a yoga posture helps to build flexibility and strength as well as the repatterning of body movement and habits (neuromuscular reintegration).  In Viniyoga the goal is to achieve the function of the posture (i.e. stretch in the low back) not the perfect form of the pose.  The form is adapted (with or without props) to suit the needs of the individual.  Asana sequencing creates an overall safe yoga practice where the body is properly prepared and restored before and after a pose. 

Private yoga addresses the whole person with the goal of transforming what can be transformed, balancing what can be balanced and accept what can’t be transformed or balanced.  Through a regular well guided yoga practice you will come to enjoy the many common benefits. 

  • increased strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • improved posture
  • pain relief
  • deep relaxation
  • better breathing
  • calmer and better focused mind
  • stress relief
  • improved sleep
  • balanced moods
  • relief from anxiety and depression
  • self-understanding
  • connection to that which is Greater
  • feeling beyond yourself

A private yoga session can range from one to two hours and can be scheduled in the privacy of your home or the Kirkland Whole Life Clinic. Your first session will include a discussion concerning your goals and needs.