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$25/hour foot reflexology treatment in Lynnwood clinic

Foot reflexology is a system of bodywork that focuses on the feet as a micro-system. A micro-system is a small area of the body, in this case the foot, which has predetermined points that correlate to the rest of the body. For example, by applying pressure to a certain point on the foot, lower back pain may be relieved. Reflexology treatments often provide the patient with relaxation and overall increased vitality. Of course receiving reflexology also relaxes the part of the body that we stand on all day and often neglect the most!

Chinese reflexology has been around for thousands of years. It was developed along with Tui Na and other therapies of Chinese Medicine. Chinese reflexology dates back to approximately 2600 BC and is explained in the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine) and other classical Chinese texts. This is important because the Nei Jing is considered one of the foremost classics related to all Chinese medical therapies. The Huang Di Nei Jing was claimed to be written by the Yellow Emperor, although it is thought to be more of a collective narrative. The text covers the general theory regarding Chinese medicine and its practice, which goes to include Chinese Massage and reflexology.

With its development and growing popularity through the years, Chinese reflexology has become its own modality. Practitioners receive unique training to provide proper treatment and to understand point location and function. Only after completing this training do practitioners begin to treat patients and help to integrate this relaxing and rewarding modality into a patient's life.

It is important to differentiate reflexology from massage therapy. Massage therapy has an effect on the internal structures of the body but is largely utilized for its effect on the musculoskeletal system. Reflexology has a profound effect on the musculoskeletal aspect of the feet but focuses on the internal organs and glands of the body. Another common difference between massage therapy and reflexology is that reflexology does not ever require the removal of the patient's clothing.

Chinese foot reflexology can become an excellent part of one's health care program. Coming in for a weekly treatment can be rewarding in more ways than just relaxation. In 1991, China acknowledged reflexology as having a positive effect in "preventing and curing diseases, and preserving health". Throughout the rest of the world there are many other types and practitioners of reflexology. Some have different theories on how it exactly works and different terminology however the same general principles exist. Many therapists incorporate some form of reflexology into their training. In fact it is a great combination treatment with acupuncture as they are based on similar concepts.

Along with acupuncture and massage, Chinese reflexology is a natural therapy which produces benefits with no side effects. Also in similarity to acupuncture, the goal of reflexology is to unblock stagnation within the channels of the body and to nourish the body's qi or "life energy". Reflexology also has been shown to help encourage lymphatic stimulation and help the body maintain proper detoxification. The main goal as with most alternative health care modalities is too assist the body to achieve its optimal state of health and well being. To learn more about Chinese reflexology or to start seeing the benefits, contact ACI Clinic today!

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