Ke Zang, E.A.M.P, L.Ac.

Dr. Ke Zang is an acupuncture specialist from China. As Chief Physician at one of the biggest teaching hospitals in Shen Yang, China, Dr. Zang practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there for nine years after graduating from medical school of TCM in 1992. While treating patients in the hospital, Dr. Zang received special training through an apprenticeship module studying with prominent experts in various fields of Chinese Medicine and gaining advanced knowledge and clinical skills.

Dr. Zang came to the U.S. in 2001 and practiced acupuncture in New York State where he was a Professor of the School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). While teaching and treating patients, he completed the doctor program of chiropractic at NYCC. He also taught at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin (AOMA) while practicing in Austin and Cedar Park, TX from 2007 until he moved to Greater Seattle area with his wife Dr. Allison Zang-Greene and 6-month old baby Naomi Lu Zang-Greene in September 2008. In addition, Dr. Zang has been a therapist and instructor of qi gong and tai ji for over two decades.

Dr. Zang is available to see patients in ACI Kirkland Clinic. Please call 425-285-9020 to make an appointment.



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